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Custom Hair System

Custom Hair System successfully replaces hair where you need it most.

Custom Hair System successfully replaces hair where you need it most. The worst place to lose your hair is where most men experience hair loss: the frontal hair line and temples. Equally unfortunate is that the hairline is the most difficult area on the scalp in which to recreate hair. That's why a custom hair system is the best answer.

What makes the hair line so important?

As you probably know, people general-ly look at you from the front, right in the face. It's what they see first, it's what they see most often, it's how their perception of you is formed. Secondly, it's the hair in front that "frames" your face, which enhances your best features and lessens the effect of your worst. While a bald spot in the crown area is sometimes called "cute", a receding hairline screams old.

What's wrong with drugs or surgery?.

Nothing at all. But rogaine and propecia can't do anything about hair-lines (if you don't believe us, just carefully read a rogaine or propecia ad - they say they are effective for only "certain types" of hair loss or that they only work in the "vortex and mid-scalp area"). Surgery is fine; it produces results. What type of results is a different story. Will you have a hairline again? Or will you have several "corn rows" of tufts of hair like so many men?

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